2019 Australian Accounting & Finance Salary Survey

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2019 has been a rollercoaster year for Finance and Accounting roles in Sydney.

Over the last 12 months, the team at West Recruitment have reported a healthy upswing in salaries across the board. The first half of 2019 was action packed with the Banking Royal Commission and Australian Federal Election threatening to have a flow on effect to job availability and salaries. However, as we move into the new financial year, salaries remain buoyant and we’re experiencing consistently strong demand for Finance and Accounting professionals across all disciplines.

Our clients are now looking for professionals with a combination of ‘soft’ and technical skills and are willing to pay increased salaries for jobseekers with the right combination of expertise. Specifically, Sydney’s top CFO’s are seeking professionals who are adaptable, show enthusiasm and drive and those who can add to team culture in a positive way. Technical skills such as analytics (the ability to analyse customer, risk and efficiency data) as well as data science experience are increasingly sought-after.

It’s also shocking to see that happiness amongst Finance and Accounting Professionals is at an all-time low. Employee health, wellness and happiness need to be recognised by finance leaders as major factors impacting employee engagement. Fostering a team who are engaged and happy is proven to increase productivity, collaboration, and results, while simultaneously reducing sick days, work errors, and staff turnover. What’s more, it’s been reported that engaged teams achieve 21% greater profitability than their unhappy counterparts.

While compensation continues to be a primary consideration for Finance and Accounting professionals in 2019, there is an increasing focus on career progression, job flexibility and a positive workplace culture. Offering a personalised salary package with personalised perks and benefits that suit the individual will be key to increasing the level of job satisfaction and happiness for Finance and Accounting professionals.

If you need the right Finance and Accounting team to help you grow your organisation, or perhaps you are considering your own career, then don’t hesitate to get in contact and together we can explore how West Recruitment can help.

Download the full 2019 Australian Accounting & Finance Salary Guide here.

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