What is a Career Balance Sheet (and why do you need one?)

In their everyday roles, Finance and Accounting professionals are highly organised, have clear processes and structure and can coordinate others in everything they do. That same mindset should apply to how a finance professional manages their own career. One idea that West Recruitment actively promote to our candidates, is to look at their “Career Balance…
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Creating a Culture of Innovation

The latest economic report card from the OECD marked Australia’s performance on innovation as ‘could do better’. We punch above our weight in some areas of research, but we fall behind on getting a decent commercial return for our investment in innovation. To bridge that gap Australia needs less government-led initiatives and more organisational commitment…
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Women in Leadership

More women in leadership reflects the real world, and it’s good for business The results are in, and its official, organisations with women in leadership roles are more profitable so while it’s disappointing that there aren’t more female senior managers, it’s also bad for business. In 2015-16 just over a third of all managers in…
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Adapt or Die: What does the future hold for Australian manufacturing?

Despite the high-profile collapse of the car industry, it’s not all doom and gloom for Australian manufacturing. But while jobs growth has been steady for many in manufacturing, the outlook for continued jobs growth isn’t great across all the sub-sectors. To take advantage of opportunities for future growth offered by the emergence of global manufacturing…
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