Why do candidates love working with West Recruitment to transform their careers?

Why do candidates love working with West Recruitment to transform their careers?

West Recruitment helps connect Accounting, Business Support & Customer Service, Human Resources and Chartered and Professional Services candidates with great roles in great companies.

Our consultants have perfected the matchmaking process. Many years of specialist market knowledge combined with a vast and strong network of clients means we truly can match candidates their dream job.

Here's what some of our candidates had to say about West Recruitment:

"In my 15 years of working with West Recruitment, I've recommended many contractors and family members to work with them as they are the best recruitment agency I've found"  - Harald Gosche, Finance Manager


"If a friend asked me why I recommend West, I would say get on the phone, go and see the guys. They have a great sense of humour, are very welcoming and  professional, and will get you something."  - Marc Baxter, Head of Finance


"The main reason why I recommend West over the rest is because they are reliable and they are very professional"  - Victor Bolivar, Finance Manager


"I definitely recommend West to my friends and colleagues because I find that they really care about giving you the right role"  - Carolyn Hume, Finance Manager


"If I was going to recommend a recruitment agency to a friend, I would recommend West. They will give you a pretty frank and honest assessment of where you sit in the market"  - Sean Goonan, CFO

Your professional goals and objectives mean everything to us and we’d love to help you transform your career and find your next dream role – get in touch today.