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Adapt or Die: What does the future hold for Australian manufacturing?

Despite the high-profile collapse of the car industry, it’s not all doom and gloom for Australian manufacturing. But while jobs growth has been steady for many in manufacturing, the outlook for continued jobs growth isn’t great across all the sub-sectors. To take advantage of opportunities for future growth offered by the emergence of global manufacturing…
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Emotional Intelligence: Not Just Another Business Buzzword

The 1990s spawned a whole host of business buzzwords[1] from synergistic benefits to low hanging fruit, so you’d be forgiven for thinking emotional intelligence was just another outdated cliché that organisations should have dropped in the new millennium. In fact, research shows time and again that for business professionals it’s emotional intelligence, not technical competence…
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Workplace Wellness Starts with Good Mental Health

Over half of all Australian employees will experience workplace bullying at some point in their working life[1], and it’s is just one trigger of the untreated mental health conditions that cost Australian employers over $10bn a year[2]. Workplace bullying leads to stress, anxiety and depression, but isn’t confined to aggressive physical or psychological acts, or…
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Building Skills for the Big Data Revolution

Google ‘Big Data’ and the mighty search engine generates over 300 million results in under a second, that’s a lot of information about a lot of information. Very near the top of the list is a definition that talks about ‘extremely large data sets’… so it’s not rocket science. But despite that simple definition, the…
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