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What is Digital Disruption mean for the workplace?

It’s not the latest trend or phrase on the buzzword bingo sheet. It’s what’s happening at the moment across workplaces, schools, universities and in our homes. Digital Disruption refers to a digital business model that completely changes the established way of doing things – the most disruptive element being that it happens on a large…
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What does the low Aussie dollar mean for the jobs market?

Well, it’s not exactly a trick question, but a lower Aussie dollar certainly means different things to different people, whether you’re looking for a job or looking for a new recruit. For anyone working in export industries, the news is welcome. The lower dollar means more competitive prices for our big agribusiness exports like beef,…
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Is the New Year a good time to look for a job?

It can be! You’ve had a break from the office, you’ve spent time thinking about what’s really important to you and you honestly don’t think you can spend another day doing something you despise. Life’s too short. On the other hand, your current job provides financial security and depending on which stage of life you’re…
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Are you looking for a good all-rounder or a single star quality?

Here’s West Recruitment’s 5 tips to help prioritize skills and experience before you write the position description. Before you start deciding if the skills and experience you’re looking for belong in the: ‘must possess’, ‘highly desirable’ or ‘ideal, but not essential’ category, it’s worth thinking about about the strengths and weaknesses of ‘experts’ versus ‘generalists’.…
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