New Financial Year – New Financial You?

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It’s a new financial year. It’s time to clean the slate and set some goals for 2014/15. How did you go last year with the ToDo list? Some of us are driven by deadlines such as EOFY – for others that ToDo list keeps getting longer and longer no matter what time of year it is. Now is the perfect time to take a crash course in goal-setting.

You don’t need a calendar event such as a new year, new month or the start of a new school term to set yourself some goals. You simply need a few genuine, achievable objectives.

Be Realistic
12 months isn’t actually a long time and if you’re setting a realistic goal, there’s no point looking too far into the future. Look at what you have going on in your life now. Young family? Recently re-located? Elderly parents to care for? Make goals that can realistically be achieved in the next 12 months and don’t make any more than three of them!

Be motivated
You’ll work towards achieving a goal if you really want it. If there’s no burning desire to start your own business, get that promotion or run a marathon, it’s too easy to give up. You’re not setting goals because it’s fun, it’s because you need and want to achieve something.

Make it relevant
You can commit to goals that are relevant. Maybe you do dream of auditioning for The Voice, but is it relevant to your life at the moment?

Deadlines are good
Setting a date makes time management easier and provides a clear sense of achievement. You either make the deadline or you don’t. We naturally prioritize something if it’s urgent. A looming deadline might be just what you need to get your act together.

Write it down
Writing makes it real. Once you have your goals written down, you’ve taken the first step towards creating an action plan that outlines the steps necessary to achieve your goal. Keep going!

Share it
Your friends and family want you to succeed. Sharing a goal gives you a greater chance of sticking with it and achieving. The support of family and friends is a great motivator and they’ll remind you of those deadlines too.

What are you waiting for? If you’re setting some career goals this year, give us a call to discuss opportunities that available today.

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