It was my passion for cars that saw me begin my career within the automotive industry; however, it was following an ordinary candidate experience personally that saw me embark on a career in recruitment with the intention of not being ‘typical’! Over a decade later, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. On the weekends, you will find me watching sports, attempting a DIY project or being a ‘Dance Dad’ for my two girls.

Why work with me?
I still get a buzz out of helping people achieve their career goals as well as partnering with companies of all sizes in securing the best talent available. With over 10+ consecutive years in agency recruitment, I can offer an in-depth knowledge of the corporate landscape, the local talent market and current hiring trends.

My Skills:
I specialise in the search and selection of ‘C’ level executives and senior finance positions for the Western Sydney Market. I have a diverse client base of Australian- private or listed, Multinational, Private Equity & Venture capital backed businesses.

What to expect when dealing with me:

  • Honest and transparent consulting.
  • Open lines of communication- I prefer to talk than email (It’s a Gen X thing).
  • I am not too busy for people- People are my entire business.
  • No Ego (I’m still working on getting one)

Dean Mumford is on LinkedIn