After finishing my education in 2001, I stepped into a consultant position in one of the largest UK banks. That was my first step into sales and I loved every minute of it.

I arrived in Australia in 2007. I honestly didn’t know how long I would be here for, but I know I had fallen in love with Sydney and wanted to stay here long term.

Whilst working at Macquarie Bank, on an evening out with some friends, I met the owner of a Recruitment Firm and over the next few months, he persuaded me that with my corporate sales background and social skills, and with a lot of hard work, Recruitment could be a viable career for me.

Why work with me?
I’m a people person! I love speaking and meeting with people on a daily basis and discussing what their career goals, dreams and aspirations are and advising/consulting on how to make that a reality.

Whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a client/business owner who wants to grow and improve your company, I will take the time to understand your challenges and together, implement a plan of action to best succeed.

My Skillset:
I have 10 plus years recruitment experience working solely in 1 industry and specialisation and have a proven track record of delivery.

My client portfolio includes Sole Practitioners, Medium Sized/Mid-Tier Firms and the Top Tier/Big 4 firms for whom I recruit in Business Services, Audit, Tax and Corporate Finance/Transactions.

Randy Basra is on LinkedIn