What does it take to become a CFO?

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If you are a qualified finance professional with a few years of valuable experience under your belt, it might be time to give some serious consideration to the direction in which your career is heading.

Perhaps you are wondering whether you have what it takes to become a CFO?

While you’re confident that you have the requisite drive and dedication, do you have the broader skills and experience needed to forge your way to the top?S

Although a CFO’s job description will vary depending on company type and size, the CFO is usually regarded as the second-in command and primary source of support to the CEO. Finance is their key responsibility, but they need a wider skillset in order to be truly effective.

This skillset can be divided into three main areas:

  • Core financial competence: Forecasting, budgeting, wider financial capabilities, up-to-date technical understanding, being a financial ‘translator’
  • Business acumen: Internal company knowledge, familiarity with external environment, problem solving, data-driven decision-making, risk management
  • The ‘soft skills’: Communication, leadership, team building, change management and strategic vision

While you may already have some experience in many of these areas, it’s vital to develop expert ability in all of them if you have your eyes on the prize of becoming an effective CFO.

We've put together a detailed guide of the 15 top skills you need to be successful as a CFO and some tips on how to get them.

Check it out here.

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