What is Digital Disruption mean for the workplace?

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It’s not the latest trend or phrase on the buzzword bingo sheet. It’s what’s happening at the moment across workplaces, schools, universities and in our homes.

Digital Disruption refers to a digital business model that completely changes the established way of doing things – the most disruptive element being that it happens on a large scale, very quickly. Global examples include:

Smartphones – mobile connectivity, mobile payment models and data transfer has dissolved traditional work/life boundaries, as well as banking and transaction models.

iTunes – has radically altered the conventional way we buy or hire music, movies, and TV content.

It relates to work – how?

One of the most obvious ways Digital Disruption is affecting the workplace is the way it is changing what is actually valued as ‘work’.

  • Microblogging (writing on short-form social media such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) was a hobby for people with too much time, right? Wrong! Social media is now increasingly valued by organisations for its fast, direct interaction with stakeholders as well as its ability to lead and shape opinion. It is also changing the way information is shared throughout organisations.
  • Seminars and Training – Industry leaders are tuning in to the value of worldwide participation in online seminars conducted in real-time via desktop videoconferencing and screen sharing software such as WebEx and
  • Crowdfunding – can’t get banks or traditional investors interested in your awesome invention? Take your idea direct to punters with a crowdfunding website like: Kickstarter or Pozible and have the market fund it directly. Visit these websites and you can see the sort of amazing projects that are bypassing the usual funding models and breeding a new generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Crypto-currencies – it’s money, but not as you know it. Bitcoin has a whole stable of brothers and sisters that are currently being traded around the world, with the potential to make big waves in global currency markets.

Digital disruption is here to stay, whether that disruption is planned (such as the move by organisations to embrace Cloud computing) or unplanned (such as the taxi industry’s response to new ride sharing technology Uber), the best thing we can do is embrace the opportunities and be aware of the threats. The workplace is changing and keeping on top of developments is key to ensuring you are in the best position to take advantage of these opportunities as they arise.

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