Resume Advice

Your resume is more than just an overview of your professional experience and qualifications, it is your sales pitch selling the most valuable resource - You!

A well written resume is a foot in the door and a chance for you to prove you are serious about pursuing your dream job.

What you mention on your resume is very crucial to the shortlisting process. Make sure you provide enough information so they can make an informed decision, as providing too much or too little could disqualify you. Also, use an elegant design that allows for easy reading and has plenty of white space, so the recruiter will not be tempted to give your resume a miss.

So what goes on a winning resume?

  • Personal information - Name, address and phone number.
  • Career objective - Focus on particular skills and experiences that are directly related to the job, and state short or long term goals that can be pursued within the company.
  • Education/Qualifications - Every academic certification attained thus far in chronological order, particularly elaborating on those that are relevant to the position being applied for.
  • Technical Skills - Any skills you have been trained for or acquired in your professional experience so far.
  • Professional experience - In chronological order, list the name of your company, designation, role responsibilities, and key achievements. You could also state your reason for leaving if it works in your favour.

And then comes the most important part - Spellcheck! Nothing diminishes your professional image than bad grammar or spelling, so do yourself a favour and proofread your resume a few times to ensure it is error free. Get a second opinion too, just to be doubly sure.

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